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Community Garden

Welcome to Tulum´s very first community permaculture garden!

This space is being created as a community effort to bring Tulum into the age of food security, and begin the mitigation of our environmental footprint by reducing solid waste production and fuel use for the town. This, added to the natural benefit of enhanced nutrition and meaningful prosperity for all involved, makes the garden an ideal project to bring us together and support the evolution of our town.

Tulum´s 1st community garden is being developed on the grounds of ¨La Casa de Cultura de Tulum¨ situated right next to the fairgrounds downtown.

On this journey of environmental stewardship, we are being led by permaculture expert and biologist Gerardo Villanueva, whom with 15 years growing experience in Quintana Roo, is assisting us in the development of an agroforestry system brimming with thriving diversity.        This type of garden is extremely resilient to drought, heavy rain, intense sun and pests, making it ideal for the area.

The day to day functioning of the garden also ensures excellent biomass production elementary for the quality and health of our soil.

There are garden work days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday where community members and visitors may volunteer in order to learn and participate in this wonderful co-creation.

Friday´s at 4pm there is a class with Gerardo to learn about the integral management of the garden system.

For information please call +521.984.745.7500

You can find more information on the classes HERE

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We are excited about the progress of our beautiful and healthy garden!!
It is our dream for the community, to create a space to instruct our self-sufficiency as well as inspire our hearts into loving action.
If you wish to support the process of manifesting this garden with a donation,
we deeply appreciate your contribution.
Choose your own amount, it all adds up and thank you!
Friday May 24th class excerpt

Garden Gallery