Full Moon Transformation Ceremony
Mon, 20 Sept | Online Transformation Ceremony

Full Moon Transformation Ceremony

Join us in transforming adversity into strength and refining the divine power of our focused intention.
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Time & Location

20 Sept 2021, 17:00 – 19:00
Online Transformation Ceremony

About the Event

To  prepare before the ceremony take a few days to sit quietly alone, turn  off your phone and wifi if possible and feel into the current situations  that bring feelings of uncertainty, unease, fear, apprehension or  doubt. This can be about yourself, your capabilities, your personal  power, health or your work, family, community or situation in your  country.

Once  you are connected with these feelings, thoughts and energies, take a  deep breath with pen and paper in hand and begin to write them down.  Write them as the story you hear in your head, the thoughts you tell  yourself and the opinions you hear from others.

The more in-depth you are able to dive into this story, the deeper the power of the transformation will be.

Take  your time and recognize the power of intention you are setting in  motion by beginning this profound magical process of divine  transformation.

No  one will read what you have written down and you will not share it with  anyone. This is for you alone and will be an integral part of your  transformative ceremony.

What to have ready:

- One or more candles (if you have bees wax use them)

- Sage or incense

- 1 uncut lime or lemon

- One spray bottle

- One or more essential oils like Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rose,  Frankincense, Geranium, etc.

- Bee Honey

- A small bowl to mix oil

- Bowl or pot to burn paper in

- Matches or lighter

- Comfortable clothing

- Tiny shovel or spatula to dig a small hole in the ground.

- Coconut oil

- A sharp knife


  • 2 hours

    Full Moon Transformation Ceremony


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