New Moon Intention Ceremony
Thu, 04 Nov | Online Ceremony

New Moon Intention Ceremony

This New Moon we will Intend and Focus our Clarity in the Sun and the Serpent. Weaving Unconditional Love Surrender, Acceptance, Vitality and Sacred Sexuality.
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Time & Location

04 Nov 2021, 16:00 – 18:00 GMT-5
Online Ceremony

About the Event

What to have ready:

- Candles (if you have bees wax use them)

- Fresh flowers if possible

- Sage, Copal, Palo Santo or incense

- 1 uncut lime or lemon

- One or more essential oils like Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Frankincense, Geranium, etc.

- Bee Honey

- The pages with your most divine dreams, yearning and beautiful intention as explained below

- Two small bowls to mix oil and honey

- Matches or lighter

- Comfortable clothing

- Tiny shovel or spatula to dig a small hole in the ground.

- Coconut oil

- Pot or bucket to prepare warm energetic bath for after the ceremonial closing.

- Organic Tobacco

- One special candle for intention weaving to be lit half way through our ceremony.

This New Moon we will intend with the energies of the Sun and the Snake.

This New Moon, feel into the divine, sensual and deeply loving ways you can integrate practices and sacred elements inherited from the Wisdom and Love of our ancient ancestors.

Weave these into the dream of your Hearts sacred yearning for your Enlightened future. You are ready to live the awakened life you deserve.

Allow yourself to be inspired by ancient myths and stories, meditation, breath work, holistic and physical body practices.

Create time for artistic and inspired self expression through dance, food, decorating your inner Temple as the altar of love you long to live in, where you may commune with the divine and nourish your deepest love in Spirit, Mind and Body.

How many wonderful details can you bring into your space in order to create the home Temple you are ready for?

This is a time to bring nourishing goodness to our food and body discipline, listening to our body´s signals in order to activate our sharp instincts, vital energy and gut wisdom. This is to serve us in navigating and fulfilling of our path to success and the activation of our divine service in a way that supports our basic and subtle needs. A powerful part of this is the activation of Sacred Sexual yearning activating our communion with the divine.

Following our Path of the Heart with Trust, Surrender, Clarity and Confidence.

The Sun activates our enlightenment and surrender to the will of the Divine in all aspects of our lives, calling us to create the home Temple which allows to to commune with our sacred selves as we live the daily practice of a deliciously awakened life of devotion to love.

The Snake activates our discipline to respect and listen to the guidance of our body perfection, facilitating being at the right place and time every step of the way through conscious food, exercise, sexual power, healthy gut and individual sovreignty.

To prepare before the ceremony take a few days to sit quietly alone, turn off your phone and wi-fi if possible and feel into the ways you long to feel Divine not only in your life, but also in your own sacred self and your closest relationships.

How can you inspire and activate your daily communion with self and infinity?

What elements may you bring into your space to raise the frequency of love light that resides with you day in and day out?

What practices involving body movement, divine sexual activation and deep regenerating rest can you explore?

The more in-depth you are able to dream and feel your intenton, the deeper the power of your activation will be.

Take your time and feel the full vibration you are weaving and express it on the pages.

No one will read what you have written down and you will not share it with anyone. This is for you alone and will be an integral part of your intention ceremony.

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