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to the
inner sanctum

Medicine Music

Ceremony Concert

Sunday, December 19th

$500 pesos

5:30pm Doors open

begins 6pm

La Veleta, Location to be sent out after registration

Press to listen

Please register below and bring with you the items listed for maximum enjoyment. 

scroll down for insight into the frequencies of the evening.

Individual Registration
Medicine Music Ceremony Concert

Day of we may send whatsapp updates and location


Thanks for registering. See you there!

Sorry we are full for this ceremony, we look forward to seeing you at the next one!

What to bring for your evening:

- One pillow

- One blanket

- Offerings like fruit, incense or candles

- Water bottle


I have now attended three ceremonies led by the magnificent Aiesha and I am just blown away by the growth I have seen in myself. The impact, insights and guidance these ceremonies are providing me in my life today are pure magic. The practice and preparation bring so much unconditional love to your self development and then the leadership and guidance of Aiesha during the ceremony just makes it all so worth it. Sharing her gifts with a circle during the New Moon and Full Moon phases is a true gift of the divine. Thank you Aiesha.

—  Eliza Stoklosa, Canada

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Medicine Music

Ceremony Concert

This evening is inspired by the yearning to serve the Divine though our creative love and love of creativity!

Breathe, move, cleanse and dream with us,

guided by the medicine of the music and our hearts highest aspirations.

You are invited to deepen, relax and feel the aligned rejuvenation of your loving presence and joyful gratitude.

Blessed by Pedro´s one of a kind, medicine music transmissions and Aiesha´s ceremonial guidance which integrates

the living wisdom of the ancient Toltec, Mayan and Vedic lineages.

Our journey will be guided by purification, intention, love and the deep medicine of our hearts.


This experience we will align with the energies of the Wolf and the Serpent.

These Mayan astrology archetypes will evoke in our light-consciousness the power of listening to our body, trusting our instincts, love, companions of destiny and surrender to the beauty and power of selflove.

Art by Autumn Skye
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