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Temazcal - Medicine Wheel in Motion

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Temazcal with Pedro

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The Toltec wisdom and practices of the Path of the Heart along with the elegant power of the Medicine Wheel, create a concept that has a direct relationship between art and spirituality.

The songs, rhythms and the Native flute in combination with the medicinal plants, the aromas and the healing steam, allow us to enter states of consciousness in clarity and heart openness.






The Temazcal is a tool for self-knowledge and an opportunity to commune with Mother Earth and with the Universe that surrounds us from our inner silence and vibrations of lucid love.
In 1998 Pedro Vadhar initiated the Temazcal ceremony in the Riviera Maya, building the very first one at Maya Tulum, then the Osho Center.

He is constantly renewing his own gifts and service through the Medicine Wheel with a sense of artistic and spiritual creativity which inspires depth and a humble surrender to personal growth.

"With 30 years of experience running the sacred Temazcal with his subtle, deep and powerful magic, Pedro weaves a divine connection between our hearts true intention, our voice, the heart of the earth, our ancestors, the elements and infinity.."

What to Bring?

Bathing suit


Water bottle

Special personal item to be charged on the altar during the ceremony.

Offering for the altar like fruit, flowers, incense, etc.

Reserve your spot

Please supply the number of people who will be attending, any medical issues,

Pre-book your future private or group temazcal with Pedro.

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