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Interview for mexican radio in Spanish

Entrevista para la radio en Puerto Morelos, Mexico

En español!

Mayan Reading: The Dalai Lama

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"When it comes to Mayan Astrology, Aiesha is The Best Ever. She utilizes the best of Mayan Cosmology to interpret your star chart in order to help you understand the effects of the heavens on your life. I loved that Aiesha recorded the entire session and I got to keep it so I could review it. Aiesha's reading was professional, enjoyable, discreet, insightful and overall exciting and entertaining. Highly recommended!"

—  David Avocado Wolf, Author, Adventurer, Orator



From festivals in emerging culture to forums on expanding consciousness, Aiesha has appeared events like TED Talks, Bali Spirit Festival, Lighting in a Bottle´s Temple Stage and has been a guest speaker in podcasts like Holes to Heavens with Adam Sommer.


Aiesha shares her knowledge and wisdom through her classes in an exciting and engaging way. She is an expert in feminine empowerment, consciousness and spirituality, healthful living practices, conscious relationships and Mayan astrology.


Aiesha utilizes your date of birth in order to channel and interpret your Mayan Calendar sign chart, which is delivered in a precise, eloquent and grounded manner that is elegant and easy to understand.

The depth of her wisdom and her practical approach to life, make her sessions an invaluable resource to improve your relationships, decisions and belief systems. She also helps tune you into the cycles of your life in order to unveil your fullest gifts, talents and power.



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