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Love is Integrity

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Welcome to Blue Lotus Apothecary, where we love to offer you luxuriously divine raw, cold pressed and organic self-care products free from GMO´s, toxins, fillers or fake preservatives. Our motto is integrity.

Aiesha‘s wellness journey began as a baby, when due to illness she came close to dying and the family conventional doctor was only making things worse. In a desperate attempt to save her, her parents were led to a wise homeopathic doctor, who restored Aiesha‘s health in five days. This empowered her mother to ditch the pediatrician along with the vaccine schedule and embrace homeopathy. This led to a lifelong journey of natural healing. 

Her mother and aunt studied with the elder Doña Vicenta in the town of Amatlán, Mexico before her passing. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity as she was the last keeper of ancient Mexico’s herb lore recognized by the National institute of Anthropology. Aiesha learned the art of massage from her aunt from a young age as this was a daily practice in her home. Later she also taught Aiesha the making of tinctures, creams, healing teas and more.

At 15 years old she witnessed her mother heal herself from cervical cancer with natural therapies, healing diet and emotional liberation. This profound experience deeply influenced Aiesha´s trust and understanding of the healing power of the body when a deep and holistic approach of clean fresh conscious diet of food as medicine, emotional transformative alchemy release, forgiveness and the healing magic of natures many plants, seeds, minerals, the sun, water and love are part of daily life. She has experienced diverse and profound healing transformations throughout her life and now Blue Lotus is her way of sharing this with others.

Therefore our care for creating in this way comes from our understanding of our customers need for manifesting a conscious and loving lifestyle where health, youthfulness, self-love and connection to the Universe is a daily practice.  Try out the variety of our offerings and experience true magic yourself.

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Blue Lotus Apothecary

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We would not be who we are without our simplicity, which is at the core of our values. We ensure our offerings are created with simple methods through natural techniques to maintain the healing properties of our creations.



From the highest vibrational properties, to the natural scents and delicious textures, our products are designed to be a truly delicious experience.



The intent to provide you with deeply healing and nourishing for essentials for your self-care, spiritual or healing practice is at the center of our business.

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