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A Manual for Enlightenment

A Manual for Enlightenment is a book created to be a resource for spiritual seekers. It brings together wisdom from ancestral lineages of the Mayan, Toltec and Vedic lineages to support humanity in the transformation of our consciousness, realization of our divine potential and humanities harmonious evolution.

This book is intended to be a guide for those who are seeking to deepen their spiritual knowledge and to learn more about the path of enlightenment. Through the teachings in this book, readers will gain insight into the spiritual truths that underlie all of existence and learn practical tools to help them on their own journey of spiritual growth.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Lost in the depths of time
  • Why are we enslaved?
  • The Tree of Wisdom Revived
  • Nourishing the roots of wisdom
  • Awakening the potential for truth
  • The four fold purpose of Life:
  •    The Toltecs
  •    The Mayans 
  •    The Vedic
  •    The femenine and masculine polarities of       awareness
  •    The dance of order and chaos
  • The nature of the universe - The dance of consciousness and light
  • The Tzolkin calendar:
  •    The ciclycal pulse of intent
  •    The Dreamspell calendar
  •    The Quiche calendar
  •    The Mayan calendar and the four                       directions
  •    The four directions and the four facets of     the self
  •    The relationship between the four                       directions
  • Toltec wisdom - The technology of freedom
  •    Absolute freedom - Unfolding the path of       the heart
  •    The four directions and the four Toltec         practices
  •    Recapitulation:
  •    Renewing vitality - Reclaiming the power       of memories
  •    Stalking
  •    Undoing identity - A mystery beyond                 beliefs
  •    Erasing personal history
  •    A mystery to oneself - Freedom from                   descriptions
  •    Dreaming  
  •    The power of perception - Developing ease,       attention and intent
  • The four pillars of femininity - Cunning, patience, ruthlesness and sweetnes
          Love light - The feminine face of the divine
          The light of love - Devotions yearning
  • The depth of presence - The power of freedom
          Into the unknown - Leading with depth of                    purpose
  • The divinity of innocence - Nourishing the evolution of consciousness
          Dreaming a being - The power of                                          conception
  • The tree of wisdom - Humanity´s legacy
          The truth of being - Understanding our                        divinity
  • Life as ceremony - The sacredness of cycles
          Intending life - Weaving the practice of                        consciousness
          The ingredients for ceremony
          Ceremony - Focused intention blueprints
          Ceremony 1
          Ceremony 2
          Ceremony 3
          Ceremony 4
  • Earth heals - A holistic journey
          The magic of healing - A divine gift​
          Ingredients for healing
          Recipe 1
          Recipe 2
          Recipe 3
          Recipe 4
          Recipe 5
          Recipe 6
          Recipe 7
          Recipe 8
          Recipe 9
          Recipe 10
  • Food as medicine - Earth´s divine blessing
          Wisdom of the Ages - The interdepennce of                    earth
          The ingredients for nourishing
          Recipe 1
          Recipe 2
          Recipe 3
          Recipe 4
          Recipe 5
          Recipe 6
          Recipe 7
          Recipe 8
          Recipe 9
          Recipe 10
  • Lifestyle as health - The essence of vitality
          Choices matter - The freedom of                                          responsibility​
  • The divine garden - The beauty of co-creation
          Painting with love - A forest to feed the                        soul​
          Syntropy blueprints and principles
  • Buiding the temple
          The principles of divine design - Inhabiting            creation​
          Blueprints for the temple
  • A life long university 
          Preserving the continuity of truth​
  • The book of kin
          Perceiving divine intent - The profound                        insight of oracles
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