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Find your Mayan Sign

What is a Mayan Sign?

Mayan Signs are called glyphs or kin and they are represented by each of the 260 different archetypes found within the Tzolkin Mayan calendar, one of the 19 different calendars the Maya civilization used for their diverse observations and calculations.

These are used for discovering personality traits, talents, challenges, purpose and more within a person, relationship, day or year cycle. This is done by using a date of birth to find the correlating mayan calendar day for that specific calendar alignment.

Discover the power of Mayan astrology with Aiesha Cosmos! Her indepth chanelled readings are amazing to help you understand your nature, harness your talents, and navigate life's challenges. Whether you're looking to deepen your self-awareness, improve your relationships, or discover your life purpose, her unique charts are the perfect tool.

So why wait? Input your date of birth today in the format below to find out your Mayan signs and start uncovering the mysteries of your existence by booking your private session!

You may also visit our quick reference videos for insight into your signs meaning.


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