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Powerful times require deep Personal Transformation and Clarity of Intent

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I have now attended three ceremonies led by the magnificent Aiesha and I am just blown away by the growth I have seen in myself. The impact, insights and guidance these ceremonies are providing me in my life today are pure magic. The practice and preparation bring so much unconditional love to your self development and then the leadership and guidance of Aiesha during the ceremony just makes it all so worth it. Sharing her gifts with a circle during the New Moon and Full Moon phases is a true gift of the divine. Thank you Aiesha.


This is the playlist of my favorites from Pedro!
the most deeply mystical and magical musical wizard.
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What to have ready:

- Candles (if you have bees wax use them)

- Fresh flowers if possible

- Sage, Copal, Palo Santo or incense

- 1 uncut lime or lemon

- One or more essential oils like Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Frankincense, Geranium, etc.

- Bee Honey

- The pages with your written record of your past experiences with freedom, unconditional love and your deepest service.

- Two small bowls to mix oil and honey

- Matches or lighter

- Comfortable clothing

- Tiny shovel or spatula to dig a small hole in the ground.

- Coconut oil

- Pot or bucket to prepare warm energetic bath for after the ceremonial closing.

This Full Moon we will be transforming with the energies of the Seed and Storm.

This New Moon, we dream with the divine intention of blooming our full potential to be the woman Spirit designed you to be and serve the world through who you grow to become, this with the alignment of our sensual body, the deep yearning of your soul, the drive to choose the direction of your personal growth and by focusing on your symbiotic relationship with nature. This connection to nature is something we can cultivate with the jungle, forest, wind, stars, a tree, shrub or any part of nature, which is wonderful and allows us all to have access to this profound magic even just by opening the window letting the the wind in and dancing with it!

The Storm asks us to intend and dream the ideal lifestyle for our mind, body, spirit, emotions and creativity, including of course our personal relationships. So what is our divine home feel like, how does it function? What is the ideal bedroom? Its color, windows, bed, linens, shelves pillows etc. What materials is it made out of? Wood, metal, cotton, wool, etc. What kind of community is it? Nature hermit, suburb, little village, tourist town, big city? 

Feeling into the life we long to create and the person we desire to grow into is a formidable task that clarifies your choices, priorities and relationships.

This is the most powerful time to put to use the force of Gratitude, which allows for the deep mysteries contained within our journey to be revealed both in their radiant darkness and blinding light.

Giving us the strength to alchemize all experiences and stories into pure loving wisdom, insight and personal power. We will be using gratitude this full moon.

The Storm takes us into many diverse aspects of society in order to locate and collect the beautiful, insightful and practical gifts each sphere offers us in the custom designed creation of our home and our personal life.


The Seed activates the fulfillment of our full potential. Being one with nature the seed grows into the darkness and into the light, continuously stronger through the adversity.


To prepare before the ceremony take a few moments to sit quietly alone, turn off your phone and wi-fi if possible and feel into the task at hand. Write down your intentions and prepare them for your planting ceremony.

Take your time and feel the full vibration and express it on the pages.

No one will read what you have written down and you will not share it with anyone. This is for you alone and will be an integral part of your intention ceremony.

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