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The 2023 Solar Eclipse and the Mayan Calendar

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Wow, 2023 and its powerful Mayan solar eclipse was a truly unforgettable experience! I was blessed to be in my home near Tulum, here in the Yucatán peninsula and the energy became so powerful at the peak of the eclipse that I got so lightheaded I had to lay down on the ground under the trees, as they cast crescent moon beams on the floor through

their leaves, surrounded by the eerie silence and bathed in the most extraordinary hue of yellow light. This is the third solar eclipse I have witnessed, the first I was around six years old and living in Acapulco, the second I was 14 years old and on a highway lookout point outside Mexico City and this last one in Tulum I was nestled in the jungle by the sea... I can say that this experience will definitely stay alive in my heart forever.

One of the things that struck me this time around was the magical way in which the pinpoint effect created by the leaves of the trees projected crescent moons onto the ground. I have never noticed this effect before, as in my previous eclipses I had not been around trees and I can say this was one of the most other - worldly and mind-blowing effects, a feature of solar eclipses I had never even heard about.

On the other hand, being a Mayan Astrologer, I am focusing this post on the Mayan Calendar energies which aligned with this beautiful eclipse, setting the tone for its power and how it has affected our lives and human consciousness in general. I want to take this opportunity to examine this deep and symbolic alignments first on our inner - self level, this means our intimate being and perspective of life.

In this regard the October 2023 solar eclipse aligned with the magnetic tone and the sign of Muluc, within the Mayan calendar Muluc represents water and emotions in relationship to family and childhood experiences. Muluc also encompasses memories, purification, and the sacred offerings, ceremonies and altar presence necessary to bring all of our subconscious shadow or unknown repressed emotions and memories into our day consciousness to be integrated, healed, forgiven, and loved with the alchemizing force of pure gratitude. This energy sets the direction for a cycle where the eclipse brings us with the purpose for healing all aspects of our childhood, those that we have been unable to look at so far in order to bring them into our heart through the art of allowing ourselves to sit in ceremonial presence with our altar at home, with trees, bodies of water or the sacred fire in order to invoke our conscious communion, with all aspects of ourselves, and facets of our experience.

This has the power to make us grounded and whole by recapitulating the power we have invested in our story and reclaim the way we perceive our life by revisiting its events in this sacred ceremonial way. Thus allowing us deeper awareness of the true meaning and repercussions of what we have been through, whether happy, sad or challenging events, as well as understand how we have told ourselves our own story based on the perspective we had at the age when we first experienced each event. Revisiting our life in sacred ceremony allows us to witness how we perceived the events initially, as well as perceive them from our current adult perspective, understanding more deeply not just the events themselves, but also ourselves and our child's emotions and capacity to integrate, along with our maturing wisdom and understanding of life from our current vision that can heal our childhood wounds. This process has the capacity to make us stronger and better capable of navigating life's eternal roller coaster through the serenity that comes from purifying, cleansing and offering ourselves at the altar of the divine with gratitude for all we have experienced and all that we feel. In our collective or external experience this eclipse aligned with the sign of Ix, the Jaguar Priest or Priestess and came with the focus of releasing our relationship to our job, our profession, our colleagues, how we define our function in the world and the story we tell others about ourselves, in order to increase flexibility and be capable of serving the divine through our actions, financial prosperity, projects and collaborations.

This is a shapeshifting opportunity empowered by the force of transformation and letting go, creating space to release our old identity and the way we speak to ourselves in our minds dialogue, to realize that we speak to ourselves in the manner that we have been spoken to since childhood, and therefore we tend to see ourselves through others' language which is tainted by their own self-judgment, and how they judge our actions and nature. It is through these processes of death and surrendering of our identity, that we are able to see our mission, our talents, the value of our nature and why we are here; what is the gift we have been born to develop and offer in our personal lives and as our legacy to the world, and it is through this renewed self-realization that we are empowered in our deepening practices and commitment to our service. We are invited to claim a purpose of pioneering, be harmonious and powerful as we confront corruption, lack of integrity and addictive behaviors in ourselves and others in order to stand in the light of grace, beauty, divine creativity, conscious community, co-creation and elegance.

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