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Why is the Mayan Calendar important?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The main reason why I believe the Mayan Calendar is very important, is because when I began my study and exploration of this most unique calendar system two and a half decades ago, I was mesmerized by the uncanny alignments and synchronicites which unfolded all around me as I dove into its practice. In no time I was able to witness the most profound revelations and suddenly aquire insight into the personalities and life experiences of my close friends and family, as well as gain a deeper understanding of my nature, cycles and daily experiences.

With the support of doing readings into my natal and yearly charts, along with in depth dives into the relationship dynamic readings between friends, family members and myself, I developed the ability to see the deeper reasons for everyday relationship highs and lows. In this way I gained the skills to deal with events that would have been disastrous before, in a positive and encouraging manner, this chaged everything for me, as with time I became free to be myself and respect the gifts and challenges that other people brought my way, I tapped into a well of divine mystery and blessings that has since become the bedrock of my spiritual capacity to remain in my heart and trust the divine in every moment.

In a nutshell the practice of the Mayan calendar in its "astrological" applications opened a window through which I saw the deeper meaning and purpose in others as well as within myself. This blossomed trust in myself and with time my mindset evolved as I continued to witness the divine perfection and synchronicites of life. This is something that made me able to erradicate doubt and confusion, as I came to understand the true value different people brought into my life and the lessons and unique opportunities within every relationship and story.

Feathered serpent Kukulkan

The trust that blossomed in me at that time, has continued to expanded my heart and this has allowed me to surrender to the will of the divine in ways I never imagined and commit to the authenticity of my nature, while having a road map for the pitfalls and strengths I posess, someting which has gifted me the capacity to avoid taking life personally and people as well.

When my magical journey began with this sacred science I was 20 years old and had never studied any kind of astrology before, not that the practice of the Mayan Tzolkin calendar can be called astrology, since instead of being anchored in stars and planets, this amazing tool is based on our human anatomy and biological cycles which are represented by the 20 archetypes as the 20 fingers and toes, and 13 energy frequencies represented by the 13 mayor articulations of the human body, together they combine to create the 260 days of the Mayan calendar.

The signs of the Tzolkin Mayan calendar and their tones

Each day of the calendar is embodied by a sign which represents both a state of consciousness in a person or the energy of a day.

This day signs are the astrology signs within the calendar and each has a unique Mayan name, as well as an array of totem spirit animals, specific body parts that each sign rules over and they are also aligned with colors, minerals and earth places.

At the time, to my young budding imagination and acompanying thirst for knowledge and understanding, this was an astounding revelation which opened a bright new path into the mind blowing nature of reality and human consciousness.

Even though many of these realizations have taken years, if not decades of ongoing practice and discipline to comprehend, they have now developed into not just insights, but actual wisdom to discern and navigate my chioces, attractions and aversions, all to discover little by little what the amazing mystery of this sacred science of time and consciousness is about and why it was left for us by our Mayan ancestors to guide us on our path and discover how it can serve the evolution of human consciousness on Earth.

I sincerely reccomend diving into this ancestral inheritance, that not only allows us to receive the blessings and wisdom of our ancient civilizations, but also has the power to unlock our divine gifts, unfold our true potential and navigate our modern world and life with the necessary confidence and trust which can transform all moments and experiences into profound magic, as we receive the personal power contained within every opportunity and challenge.

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